Diane and Neal Arnold

The Story

Take Heart is the Arnolds' living testimony of how the lord restored their family following a crisis that nearly ruined their lives. It is a snapshot of the miracle that occurs when the Great Physician ministers psychological healing to people who've reached the end of their ability to do it themselves. With workable tools to overcome insecurities, life's disappointments, difficult relationships, betrayals, and failures, Take Heart inspires us with the father's revelation of our identity and promised inheritance. As you hear their stories of redemption and restoration, we believe you will be changed, and in turn, the lord will use you to bless others through your transformed life.

From the Authors

An honest look at the body of Christ reveals that much of the church is stuck in a vicious cycle of brokenness, doubt, and “putting on a good show.” We can barely deal with our own issues much less those of our family, city, region, or nation. And yet, that is exactly what God has called us to do. We are to rebuild broken cities, free the captives, and heal the broken hearted. But like the Israelites, many of us get stuck wandering in the wilderness instead of pressing on to the Promised Land.

It is time to make a “legal you-turn” and leave the wilderness behind for good. Your destiny is to occupy the Promised Land and receive all that Jesus died for; not just for you, but also for the world around you. The moment you lay down your fear and shame is the moment He carries you over the Jordan and into your inheritance; the abundant life, one of freedom, joy, and restoration. He did it for us, and we guarantee that He can do it for you too.

Diane & Neal Arnold